Shawl Fringe Sale: Chainette Spools & Pre-Cut + Flat Fringe Spools

Crow Calls Sale - SAVE 15% through 2/28/2022

Shawl Fringe Spools - SAVE 15%

Crazy Crow's Shawl Fringe Sale feature our vibrant, custom colors in the very finest quality ever! Chainette spool fringe is thick and drapes well on ladies shawls, aprons, gourd dance sashes and sometimes even on fan handles. Available in 41 colors.

14" & 18" Chainette Fringe - SAVE 15%

Chainette Fringe (sold by the yard) is easily pulled apart for hand tying or it can be sewn on as is. Generally, 2-1/2 to 3 yards is adequate to hand tie an average 60” x 60” shawl. Available in 41 colors.

Flat Shawl Fringe - SAVE 15%

Our Flat Fringe is available in 20 Vibrant Colors! This old style fringe is a favorite of Fancy Shawl Dancers, Grass Dancers and anyone desiring some variation in a shawl or outfit. One spool is enough to make a standard size, 60” x 60” shawl. Each spool contains 244 yards of 1/4” wide fringe.

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