Rendezvous Rain Poncho

Rendezvous Rain Poncho

Rendezvous Rain Poncho

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We've used these Rendezvous Rain Ponchos for several years now and there's nothing else like a good poncho to keep you dry and allow freedom of movement. You can wear it with the hood up or with your hat and their knee length with securing ties. Crazy Crow Trading Post's Rendezvous Rain Poncho is made of 10oz. waterproof canvas duck, so you can just slip it off and hang it up in your tent or tipi and the water runs off.

Customer Comment:
Regarding Product Rendezvous Rain Poncho: "It works...GOOD!!"
I marched this morning with our SAR Color Guard in a parade, in the rain. I'm really glad that I purchased this product last year!
After today's march, hopefully others will be convinced to send you an order and purchase the Rain Poncho.
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