8-Band 100% Wool Broadcloth

8-Band 100% Wool Broadcloth

8-Band 100% Wool Broadcloth

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This 8-Band 100% Wool Broadcloth is an excellent alternative to our top grade Rainbow Selvedge 100% wool Broadcloth. It is very nice quality cloth and closely rivals the best on the market. It features the same 8 bands of brightly colored stripes in red, yellow, cream & navy blue, and the nice, soft finish is comfortable to wear. Tightly woven, it will support beadwork and ribbonwork while keeping its shape. Popularly priced and nice quality, it is an excellent choice for aprons, breechclouts, leggings, skirts & blankets, as well as other projects. Approximately 60" wide; available in black, white, red, powder blue and navy blue.

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