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Crazy Crow Trading Post - Powwow and Native American Indian Craft Supply
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The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction - by Barry Hardin, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post
This is one of our most popular books ever! With 128 pages and over 150 full-color photos and illustrations, The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction by Barry Hardin has been in the works for years, and is the result of a ton of research and contributions from many fine crafts persons. We've created a preview of several pages for you to get an idea of the quality of the construction detail, historical images, as well as contemporary photos of the warbonnet you're sure to want to make yourself.
Preview Book
Pow Wow Dance Clothes & Accessories
Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories

Native American Beadwork & Beading Books and Beading Videos

American Indian Beading Techniques, Designs, How-To, History & Pictures

The tradition of Native American beading is rich and varied with hundreds of beading books and magazines about the bead craft world. Here at Crazy Crow, we have selected the best beadwork books that provide beading instructions and information on many related topics such as the tradition of Native American beading, gourd stitch and lazy stitch beading, how to bead on a loom, Native American beaded bracelets & jewelry and much more. Our beading books also provide valuable information that will help you select beading supplies; understand beadwork preparation; and offer numerous patterns for beading. In other words, you'll find information on everything beader might need. Whether you are a master craftsman or a beginner, you will find the beading information you are looking for in our American Indian beading books and DVDs!!

Crazy Crow Trading Post
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Beaded Earrings - Techniques & Designs
Code: 4103-002-900
Price: $10.95
Creative Native American Beading
Code: 4103-001-029
Price: $16.95
Native American Beadwork
Code: 4103-002-106
Price: $24.00

Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans
Code: 4103-001-900
Price: $19.95
Manual of Beading Techniques (Four Winds)
Code: 4103-002-014
Price: $4.95
Craft Manual of Northwest Indian Beading
Code: 4103-003-042
Price: $12.95

North American Indian Beadwork Patterns
Code: 4103-004-140
Price: $6.95
American Indian Beadwork
Code: 4103-005-021
Price: $15.95
Beads & Beadwork of the American Indian
Code: 4103-006-086
Price: $16.95

Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How To Do It
Code: 4103-007-140
Price: $4.95
The Techniques of North American Indian Beadwork
Code: 4103-020-086
Price: $14.95
Techniques of Beading Earrings, Vol. 1
Code: 4103-021-086
Price: $12.95

More Techniques of Beading Earrings, Vol. 2
Code: 4103-022-086
Price: $9.95
Beadworking With Today's Materials
Code: 4103-023-018
Price: $6.95
A Beadwork Companion
Code: 4103-026-086
Price: $12.95

How to Bead, Vol. 1 - Loom Beadwork - DVD
Code: 4085-002-006
Price: $19.95
How to Bead, Vol. 2 - Lazy Stitch Beadwork
Code: 4085-002-007
Price: $19.95
BeadCreator Software
Code: 4199-900-200
Price: $149.00

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