Hemp Masters: Getting Knotty - Lunger

Hemp Masters: Getting Knotty - Lunger

Hemp Masters: Getting Knotty - Lunger

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Max Lunger does it again with Hemp Masters: Getting Knotty, but this time with more color and incredible new projects. His new book is a simple, easy to follow instructional guide to creating outstanding hemp jewelry. Building upon the success of the first Hemp Masters book, this one features greater use of color and new fantastic patterns. With market tested designs and a little hippie humor, this guide will keep you smiling as you learn. And, as Max says, "If you enjoy doing something, you do it well. If you enjoy learning something, you learn it well. This book contains an abundance of illustrations and photographs to complement the clear, complete instructions.

Projects include necklaces, chokers, anklets, a belly chain with bells, bracelets and a belt (it's gorgeous). There are even 4 patriotic projects in red, white and blue, including an American flag made with alternating square knots, a lacy bracelet, the USA Strong Arm Band (learn to tie the letters of the alphabet), and a rear view mirror charm.

The Introduction has definitions of terms used in the book (knotting and hippie lingo), hemp facts everyone should know and a hippie history poem. How To Begin details deciding how long to cut the hemp for a particular project and how to start tying a piece of hemp jewelry. There is also a section of Helpful Hints and Hippie Secrets for working and knotting with hemp cords.

The Knotting Guide explains all of the knots and their variations. Finally, Hemp Masters: Getting Knotty provides 22 example projects, from the simple to the complex, all beautiful, and with pictures and step-by-step instructions for each. Truely, this is an Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting Hip Hemp Jewelry.

108 pages plus 4 color plates. 32 Illustrations, 109 Black & White Photos, SC.

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