Native American Moccasins, A Craft Manual

Native American Moccasins, A Craft Manual

Native American Moccasins, A Craft Manual

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AVAILABLE NOW with 8 more Pages & 12 more Historic Photos & Illustrations!

About this Revised Edition

When published in 1969, George White's book on making American Indian moccasins was the first comprehensive manual on the subject and it remains so today. After George's death, it has been published by his son Frank.

Frank White decided to retire from publishing in 2013, Crazy Crow acquired the rights to the book. As the last print run was exhausted, we decided to build upon George's excellent work by adding our detailed Plains Hard Sole & Soft Sole moccasin instructions with detailed illustrations, along with a number of full color photos of different moccasin styles.

We are pleased to make this new revised and expanded edition available and hope that it will bring many hours of pleasure to anyone who is interested in producing authentic, Native American footwear or moccasins.

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