Native American Style Ribbon Shirts

Native American Style Ribbon Shirts

Native American Style Ribbon Shirts

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Select the size and color ribbon shirt desired.

Fabric Colors: We select fabric for our ready-made Ribbon Shirts from a variety of appropriately patterned prints such as calico, stripes, etc. and then we match these with complimentary ribbon colors. The color listed is based on the predominant color in the print and each will have several other minor colors as well.

Preference (optional) You may briefly state preferences, however, patterns vary due to seasonal availability of fabrics.

The ribbon shirt is still the classic "Indian shirt" in cloth and is worn by Feather dancers, Straight dancers, Gourd dancers, and occasionally by "Singers" or "MC's" at present day Powwows and ceremonial gatherings.

Since this has proven to be our most popular style shirt, we have several exciting colors and fabric designs. These will make particularly nice Straight Dance shirts and have been selected for authenticity as well as beauty. Please specify a stripe, print, calico, etc. and we will do our best to select an appropriate design.

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