Swedish Laminated & Carbon Steel Knife Blades

Knife Making Supply from Crazy Crow: Legendary Swedish Steel Knife Blades

These high quality blades are made from legendary Swedish Steel and are available from 2-1/2: ti 6" in length. Ready for the easy addition of handles, they are finished and sharpened to a razor edge. At these prices, you can't go wrong, and we're sure you will be well pleased!

Laminated Steel Knife Blades: The laminated steel makes an extremely durable blade that is noted for both its roughness and edge holding ability. Each features two outer layers of softer steel for added strength, with an extremely hard center layer (59 on the Rockwell "C" scale) for long-term edge holding.

High Carbon Steel Knife Blades: This high carbon steel blade is fine quality, performing extremely well and holding a good edge, yet it is easy to sharpen.