Heavy Broad Blades, Hunter Blades, Dagger & Rifleman Blades

Solingen, Germany has always been known the world over for producing the very finest knives and swords and this tradition continues today with the master craftsmen who are making our blades. Our carbon steel blades are drop-forged, ground, and polished to a fine, satin finish for a traditional look. They are then pre-sharpened to a fine edge that will really hold well, so all that is required to complete a knife is to add a guard and handle. Some blades list specific fitting guards; others require custom fitting of one of our universal styles. Most of the round tang styles are threaded during the drop-forging process to 10x24 (3/16") thread size and fit Tang Nut #5425-011-002, while a few are threaded to the metric M4 size (Tang Nut #5425-011-021 or 022). Threads may require light cleanup with a file for easy fit. Nuts, guards & pommels are in Knife Making Hardware .